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The Process of Wet Laid Nonwovens Production Introduction

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The Process of Wet Laid Nonwovens Production Introduction

2017-11-03 09:55:24
Wet laid nonwovens also called paper nonwoven fabric, it is from the papermaking technology development, the initial production equipment is through the transformation of traditional papermaking machine and. The fiber material in the water medium is reduced to a single fiber, and at the same time, different fiber raw materials are mixed to make the fiber suspension slurry, and the slurry is transported to the mesh forming mechanism, and the fiber is formed in the wet state and then reinforced into cloth. The technology breaks through the traditional textile process, avoids the carding, spinning, weaving and other complex processes, using wet mesh forming technology, make the fiber in wet machinery, once the net shape, made products.

Wet laid nonwoven production reduces the labor intensity. Improved labor productivity. The technology does not have the repeated processing of fiber raw materials, directly made from fiber short silk fiber products, can reduce energy consumption, save manpower and material resources, reduce manufacturing costs. As long as the choice of processing methods of fiber raw material, different with different finishing, can be made of different performance and wide use of nonwoven products, and this is the other fiber products manufacturing methods can not be compared. The production process of wet nonwovens are as follows.

Pulp preparation mixing pulp fiber pulp mixing wet mesh bonding drying drying coiling (or fiber mesh preparation) wet mesh bonding strengthening - post treatment.

The difficulty of producing wet laid nonwovens is not only the pulping of fiber raw materials, but also the choice of mesh forming method (influence structure) and bonding method (influence fastness and hand feeling). Theoretically, the fiber can be processed by any variety of wet web forming method, the quantitative range of fiber network method to produce large (quantitative light in the 10g/m below), the web of vertical and horizontal strength ratio at 10: below 1.