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The correct way to use the non-woven fabric insulation

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2017-11-07
The correct way to use the non-woven fabric insulation

First, on the shed before the preparatory work

1. Buy greenhouses non-woven insulation is a dedicated shutter machine supporting the use of.

Rolling machine roll bar every 0.5 meters to have a fixed nut, in order to facilitate the wear and tear wire insulation is fixed.

3. Ready shed things on both sides of the sandbags pressure, connecting rope, each quilt prepared a nylon rope of the same length "or nylon belt"

Second, insulation is the application

1. The insulation between the two beds should not overlap less than 10 cm.

2. Insulation is in the greenhouse after the top wall, should be fixed in the roof of the central, so that there is a certain slope north of the roof.

3. Insulation was covered when the low end of the greenhouse, if there is water with the ground, water should be removed to prevent wet insulation is.

4. Greenhouse insulation is covered, the contents of the shed wall should be pressed 30 cm, sandbags and strict pressure.

Third, the insulation is being protected

1. Greenhouse non-woven insulation is covered, it should be covered in black waterproof plastic film to prevent rain, snow soaked insulation, after snowing should be cleaned up snow and then rolled up. In case of frost roll up, should let the sun according to a period of time, or plastic sheeting damaged greenhouse, shed moisture soaked insulation, case of strong cold air may make the insulation is frozen with black waterproof plastic film, then eager to roll up Easy to damage insulation is, so should let the sun shine after a period of time and then rolled up. The use of new materials made of rain insulation is no need to worry about the problem of rain and water.

2. Insulation was rolled to the roof, the application of black waterproof plastic film covered to prevent sunlight or rain, snow wet, in order to facilitate the extension of life and insulation.

3. If the insulation is soaked, should be rolled up the next day before rolling black waterproof plastic film, let the sun a period of time, the basic dry, and then rolled up.

Fourth, transport and preservation

1. Insulation was re-transport to be lightly relocated on the way, no wear, tear, puncture.

2. The second year unloading shed, choose the sunny days will be covered in insulation shed shed, drying 1-2 days, until the insulation is completely dry, sealed open lines and other damage, roll up shipped back home to save, or on The top of the greenhouse sealed with a black waterproof plastic film is strictly prohibited for a long time sun and rain.

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