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Upgrade the Insulation Effect of Vegetable Orchard Greenhouse

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Upgrade the Insulation Effect of Vegetable Orchard Greenhouse

2018-04-09 10:49:07
The vegetable shed insulation non-woven fabrics we produce have been grown in large areas in greenhouses and vegetable greenhouses in recent years, and their market potential has gradually warmed up gradually. From a certain extent, it has already shown its strong market retention and vitality.

Insulation of vegetable sheds non-woven fabrics are very poor in thickness and quality in the early stages of growth. They may be pure plutonium thickness without scientifically beneficial quality assurance, or use pure anti-aging non-woven fabrics. Simply stitched, but this kind of simple made of insulation has been more and more not meet the needs of rapidly growing greenhouse cultivation and planting, requires higher standards and higher quality of insulation was, and that is at the moment we Anti-UVPP non-woven fabrics will be mentioned.

Anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics can be said to be a major transformation and improvement of greenhouse insulation in history. Anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics are much better than previous simple sewing methods using non-woven fabrics and plastic films. Performance, anti-aging PP non-woven fabrics, also known as UV-resistant non-woven fabrics, we can see from the literal, this type of greenhouse insulation used by the inside of the non-woven fabric has been covered with plastic film, with the non-woven cloth is one, better than the previous plastic sheet wrapped in pure silk, better sealing, and more time and effort, in terms of greenhouse cultivation and breeding households, the insulation performance is stronger, more able to comply with greenhouse planting needs. Not to mention from this level, non-woven PP coated or non-woven non-woven fabrics will not be an important substitute for plastic film. It will be the most important page in the history of thermal insulation of vegetable greenhouses.

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