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Non woven Basic Knowledge

2018-04-04 15:02:25
A Nonwovens Classification

There are many methods for classifying nonwoven fabrics, and they can be classified according to the processing route of nonwoven fabrics: the method of forming webs and the classification of product applications. The following table shows the classification of nonwoven fabrics by the method of forming webs.

B Nonwoven Products and Applications

(a) Nonwovens for medical and health use
Diapers, sanitary napkins fabrics; surgical blouses, caps, shoe covers, masks, masks, hospital patients, bed sheets, mattresses, pillowcases, anti-bacterial cords; wet towels, cotton balls, sterilized cloth; white blood cell separation materials, Artificial skin; basic materials used in labor protection clothes for radiation; medical cloth base cloth, bandage base cloth, wound dressing, wound cushion, and blood-sucking cloth.

(b) Nonwovens for home decoration
Carpet and flooring materials; carpet base fabrics; curtains and curtains; tablecloths, bedspreads, wall coverings; mattresses, furniture covering cloth; artificial turf.

(c) Nonwovens for clothing
All kinds of clothing decoration lining; winter thermal insulation film; outerwear and underwear; fashion accessories (clothing labels, lace, bra, shoulder pads, etc.).

(d) Footwear and Imitation Leather Nonwovens
Fabric, synthetic suede; lining for shoes, bags, suitcases; intermediate lining and support (reinforcement) materials.

(e) Filter material
Conventional filter media: used in air conditioners, kitchen smoke filters, beverage liquid filters, etc.; high temperature, corrosion resistant filter media: used to filter high temperature, corrosive tail gas and dust emitted from industrial furnaces and kilns.

(f) Geotextiles
Geotechnical fabric trenches for underground drainage and irrigation; geotechnical fabrics for drainage and reinforcement used in the construction of highways and railways; geotechnical fabrics for bank slope embankments; geotextiles for bridge projects; waste pools; impervious geotextiles for artificial pools; .

(g) Automotive Industry
Seat covers, visors, soft door liners, liners and coverings for roofs and trunks, insulation and sound insulation, carburetors, air filters, tufted carpet backings; needle punch tumbled carpets, sofas Cushioning material.

(h) Industrial Nonwovens
Oil-removal materials for oil spill recovery and oil recovery in offshore oil recovery areas; electrical insulation materials; battery separators; industrial polishing materials; glass-fiber-reinforced substrates, industrial tape substrates, and industrial hose substrates.

(i) Nonwovens for Agriculture
Household harvest cloth, frost-proof cloth, insect-proof cloth, soil moisture cloth, eucalypt cloth, greenhouse.

(j) Household goods nonwovens
Rub cloth, cloth shoes, suits, bag cloth, bedding collection bag, pillowcase, chair sand cover, gift bag, tea bag, kitchen filter residue, filter bag.

(k) Others
Disk liners; coated base fabrics; packaging materials; special paper (advanced banknote paper, certificates, map cloth, calendar cloth, oil cart calligraphy cloth).

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