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The relationship between nonwovens and clean cloth and spunbond cloth

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The relationship between nonwovens and clean cloth and spunbond cloth

2017-10-18 16:18:46
The relationship between nonwovens and clean cloth and spunbond cloth

Spunbond and nonwovens are subordinate. The production of non-woven fabrics has many production processes, of which the spunbond method is one of the non-woven production process (including spunbond method, meltblown method, hot rolling method, water assassination method, is the use of spunbond production of non-woven fabrics)

Non-woven fabrics according to the composition, there are polyester, polypropylene, nylon, spandex, acrylic, etc .; different ingredients will be very different non-woven style. The spunbond cloth, usually refers to the polyester spunbond, polypropylene spunbond; and these two cloth style is very close, through the high temperature test to identify.

Nonwovens, also known as non-woven, is a new generation of environmentally friendly materials, with water repellent, breathable, flexible, non-combustion, non-toxic non-irritating, rich colors and so on. Non-woven fabrics, if left in the natural decomposition, the longest life of only 90 days, placed indoors within 5 years of decomposition, burning non-toxic, tasteless, and without any legacy material, which does not pollute the environment, suitable for washing. It utilizes polymer chips, short fibers or filaments to form new fiber products with a soft, breathable and planar structure formed by a variety of web forming methods and consolidation techniques. It has a plastic products do not have the environmental performance, the natural degradation of the time is far lower than the plastic bags, therefore, made of non-woven. Non-woven bags are also recognized as the most economical and environmentally friendly shopping bags.

Clean cloth made of 100% polyester fiber double woven, the surface is soft, easy to wipe the sensitive surface, the friction does not escape the fiber, with good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Product cleaning and packaging are completed in the ultra-clean workshop. Clean cloth optional Edge are generally: cold cutting, laser edge, ultrasonic edge. Ultra-fine fiber clean cloth with 100% continuous polyester fiber double woven fabric surface is soft, available, the use of ultra-fine fiber In the wipe sensitive surface, low dust production and friction without fiber, a good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. Especially for clean clean workshop. Clean cloth, clean cloth, ultra-fine fiber clean cloth, ultra-fine fiber wiping cloth edge is the most advanced cutting edge machine edge, wipe will not leave the particles and thread, decontamination ability.