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Non-woven Green Wall Decoration New Favorite

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2019-01-15
Non-woven green wall decoration newfavorite

According to the manager, who specializes in high-end customers, this expensive bamboo board has beenadopted by many customers during this time. Everyone is interested in thenature of bamboo. In the past, this kind of environmentally friendly products produced according to European standards was only for export, and it has become popular and sold in China in recent days.

There is also a series of bamboo boards that can be used directly for furniture(China Non Woven Wallpaper Vendor), but it is especially expensive. Abamboo board with a length of 2.44 meters and a width of 1.22 meters is more than 2,000 yuan. The bamboo wire board is used as a veneer. It can be glued with glue and blockboard to make furniture. The bamboo wire board is available for sale on floor. Because it is too expensive, a square meter of 60-80 yuan, then a length of 2.44 meters, 1.22 meters wide, 0.6 mm thick bamboo board, to 200 yuan. The general veneer is calculated in sheets, while the bamboo boards are calculated in square meters.

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When using it as a decorative(Non Woven Wallpaper On Sales) finish, just apply environmentally friendly olive oil. It has two colors, one is dark yellow after cooking, and slightly charcoal; the other is the true color of bamboo. :blue.Bamboo has a natural bamboo knot. The bamboo silk board adopts a special technique. When the bamboo is pressed sideways, the bamboo knot is hidden and cannot be seen by the naked eye. It uses bamboo as a raw material, a thin piece that looks like veneer, feels rough and feels like a veneer. It uses bamboo asa raw material, a thin piece that looks like veneer, feels rough and feels likea veneer.

The above is the relevant content of thenew environmental protection wall decoration(Decoration Materials Manufacturer) and bamboo silk board products that we have compiled. If you don't understand, you can contact us directly.