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Felt plant bag plays a large role in plant growth

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2019-01-11
Felt plant bag plays a large role in plant growth

Non-woven felt plant bags are also called plant bags, non-woven beauty bags. It uses the latest container seedling technology and uses special non-woven fabrics for curing. It has the characteristics of breathability and strong tensile strength.

How does the use of nursery non-woven felt seedling bags help plant growth?

1. Improve the health status and growth of forest trees, increase carbon sinks, reduce carbon emissions, and effectively improve the quality of plantations in China. China has gradually entered the afforestation era of felt-balanced root container seedlings.

2. The efficiency is greatly improved. All kinds of seedling cultivation links of live seeding or cutting seedlings are completed in the same container until the forest is planted on the mountain to realize the integration of the nursery technology operation procedures.

3. These expose the outer wall of the container and form the root segment of the callus, and the interior continuously supplies nutrients, forming a physiological state ready to be harvested, which greatly improves the survival rate of afforestation. This is not possible with other types of seedling containers to date. After entering the soil, it will explode rooting, and the aerial part will be directly sturdy, avoiding the seedling stage. The roots of the seedlings have callus formed by air cutting in the cultivation of non-woven felt containers, and the seedlings are not wrapped around the seedlings. The root phenomenon, and after planting, also forms a strange effect, the seedlings will grow directly once they enter the soil. The container seedlings cultivated by the non-woven felt seedling bags(China Root Pouch Wholesal) do not cause similar problems when afforestation, eliminating the need for container recycling. At the same time, it also caused the change of the growth environment of the seedlings after planting, and the survival rate was greatly reduced. The cultivated seedlings must be recycled in the process of afforestation, the operation procedure is cumbersome, and the recycling cost is increased, which is the same as the hard plastic material of plastic nutrition. Seedling containers, such as plastic pots and trays. This not only causes environmental pollution, but also causes damage to the roots of the seedlings. In addition, after the container is torn off, it is equivalent to the rooting of the seedlings, and the survival rate is significantly reduced. On the contrary, plastic nutrient cultivating seedlings must be ripped off the bag during afforestation. The seedlings cultivated by the non-woven felt seedling bag have a high survival rate, can be directly afforested, and have high work efficiency.

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4. The probability of seedlings becoming "small old tree" due to the adverse effects of root growth environment is greatly reduced, thereby effectively improving various resistances and growth rates in seedling breeding. The felt seedling bag(Planter Bag Supplier) technology completely solves the various adverse consequences caused by the problems of the roots, roots, roots and roots of the roots of the seedlings in the plastic nutrition nursery.

At the same time, the roots of the seedlings are transplanted throughout the year, ensuring a high survival rate of transplants, which can achieve the expected growth of seedlings! It is not affected by the seasonal climate (especially for the drought and rain in the north and the planting rate in the desert area is higher than that in the normal environment, the effect is more obvious). Planting bags(Grow Bags On Sales) to cultivate various seedling products, low cost, high efficiency, durability, and permeability. Strong, save water, moisturizing and fat, good heat preservation, and make trees grow green.