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Do you know what is bamboo silk non-woven fabric?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-01-15
Do you know what is bamboo silk non-wovenfabric?

Today, I will introduce you to this newtype of non-woven green wall decoration, bamboo wire non-woven fabric(China Non Woven Wallpaper Factory). Pleasesee below for specific uses and introductions.

This is a linen felt from the Netherlands.It has a good foot feel and can be laid directly on the concrete floor. It isalso popular in some avant-garde homes, but it has a higher price of 500 yuanper square meter.

Many people like its rough texture, and alot of purchases are placed in the study. This beige color makes people feel very quiet. The living room needs to be carpeted for about 3 square meters, andfor nearly 400 yuan, you can have an environmentally friendly linen carpet.There is a linen rug woven from sisal silk from the Amazon River, which is adopted by many new decoration customers at a price of 120 yuan per squaremeter.

Nowadays, the environmental trend of carpets is no less than that of decoration materials(Non Woven Wallpaper Manufacturer). The pandemic of carpetsin recent times is very telling. In the past, people used more polyester rugs,which were colorful and cheesy. It was not like staying at home, but it wasmore like sitting in the hotel lobby. After many people have renovated their homes, they will lay a carpet in the living room sofa and at the foot of thebed.

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According to the calculation of 3 meters in length and 2.5 meters in height, about one wall will cost about 400 yuan. Theprice is slightly more expensive than the linen and straw wallpaper. It ispriced in meters. The length and width can be customized in the factory. This avoids seams and is not wasted. It looks like a piece of cloth. It is glued toit with wall glue. On the wall. There is a natural non-woven fabric that has also come in and become the new favorite of environmentally-friendly wallcoverings. The decoration industry is increasingly advocating environmentally friendly, natural materials, and the linen and straw wallpapers are stillpopular.

If you use this kind of wallpaper in the living room, you will see the seams faintly, which will be unsightly. The linen and straw wallpapers are generally sold in rolls, three to four hundred yuan.The wallpaper made of this natural material has a high requirement for cuttingand pasting, otherwise the seam will be seen. Instead, the hemp wallpaper isused to wrap the flat wall so that the home has a natural atmosphere. A whileago, the linen and straw wallpapers are very popular. Many people decorate (Decoration Materials Supplier) their homes and they will not use decorative panels to make decorative walls.