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How to choose a mask?

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How to choose a mask?

2020-04-08 17:38:37
The choice of masks(Surgical Mask Wholesale) can be different according to personal circumstances. Some people are more sensitive to smog. You can choose masks with high filtering efficiency. For example, masks(Hospital Face Mask Factory) that meet the N95 standard can basically protect against smog. Some people feel that wearing N95 masks is more breathless and hypoxic, which is very uncomfortable. You can choose a mask with a lower filtration efficiency. The breathing resistance is small, more comfortable, and the concentration of inhaled particles can be partially reduced. When choosing a mask, it is best to try it on, to see if the mask fits the face better, the arch of the mask should not be too large, turn your head left and right, and see if it affects the sight when wearing it.

Haze days can also affect the skin, which can affect the secretion of oil from the skin, and some people can also have skin allergies and other diseases. Therefore, in addition to wearing a mask(Medical Respirator Supplier), you can also wear an umbrella and a hat, and even wear sunglasses to reduce the contact of air pollutants on the skin and hair and the damage of ultraviolet rays on the skin.

Surgical Mask Wholesale, Medical Respirator Supplier, Hospital Face Mask FactorySurgical Mask Wholesale, Medical Respirator Supplier, Hospital Face Mask Factory

Three things to go home: undressing, cleaning, and humidifying the air. There are three things you need to do when you get home in a hazy day: take off your clothes, wash, turn on the air purifier and humidifier.

Undressing: Some coarse particles will stick to the clothes on a hazy day. Take them out after going home and wash the clothes in time to avoid secondary pollution to the room.

Cleanse the skin and nasal cavity: After returning home in a hazy day, you may wish to wash your face with clean water and nasal cavity with normal saline to reduce the damage of PM2.5 to the skin and respiratory tract. But be careful not to over-clean and apply washing chemicals to avoid secondary damage to the skin and respiratory tract.

Humidified air: Turn on the air purifier and humidifier. The humidification of indoor air is conducive to the precipitation of particulate matter. On the other hand, the heating is open in winter. The indoor air is too dry, which will cause nasal and throat discomfort. Humidifiers can also increase body comfort and avoid upper respiratory tract infections.