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3 strokes to choose children's masks to help children prevent smog

  • Release on:2020-03-25
When the smog continues to strike, parents should do three things well:

First, develop the habit of checking the PM2.5 value. When it exceeds 100, children should wear masks, and do not let children ride, jog, etc .; when it exceeds 200, it is best to choose indoor activities to shorten the time for going out. PM2.5 masks are generally replaced after wearing for four to five hours, and cannot be cleaned.

Second, enter the house and wash the face and other exposed parts of the child with warm water first, and wash the tiny particles attached to the skin surface; clean the nasal cavity with a cotton swab dipped in water; woolen and knitted materials are most susceptible to particles and should be removed in time. under.

Third, the general child masks(Nonwoven Face Mask Factory) are designed for children over 3 years old. Face masks are not recommended to be close to the face of infants and young children under 3 years of age. Babies with weak lungs are prone to breathlessness and may even suffocate.

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When buying masks, we recommend:

1. Children's cardiopulmonary function is still developing. When buying a mask, pay attention to check the value of respiratory impedance. Select a low value to prevent children from having insufficient blood oxygen concentration due to poor breathing, causing danger. In general, the breathing resistance of ordinary melt-blown non-woven masks is as high as 120 ~ 250 Pa; the breath resistance of the new nano-film masks(Medical Face Mask On Sales) is only 60 ~ 70 Pa, compared with better breathability.

2. The mask design should be reasonable and conform to the spatial structure of the child's face, so that the mask can fit the child's face enough to achieve better protection.

3. Children are lively and active, and masks(Disposable Face Mask Manufacturer) should not have plastic or metal nasal pressure strips to avoid injury.