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Standards for Children's Disposable Face Masks

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Standards for Children's Disposable Face Masks

2020-04-08 12:28:28
The impact of air pollution on children lasts for life and involves all aspects of physical and mental health. For example, cognitive ability, reproductive health, etc. affect the social and economic aspects of campus performance and medical expenses, and reduce the well-being of children and their parents.

Masks are uncomfortable, children don't wear them, and parents can't buy suitable children's masks

Everyone knows to wear a mask(Dustproof Face Mask Wholesale) on a hazy day, but the author observes that less than half of the children wearing masks correctly are around them.

There are three reasons why children are reluctant to wear masks. First, the masks have layers of cloth. To prevent the entry of fine particles, they are very finely made and have poor air permeability. It is often necessary to use a very tight rubber band, either strung from the back of the head or hung on the ears, which will make the child very uncomfortable. Uncomfortable.

What is even more worrying for parents is that it is difficult to buy a suitable mask for children. Masks with the N95 logo are industrial-grade protective masks. They have large respiratory resistance and high requirements on the user's cardiopulmonary function. They must be professionally trained to wear, otherwise they will easily affect health and are not suitable for children.


Children's masks(Face Mask Manufacturer) urgently need national standards, and high density, low resistance and high filterability are the first choice. Children's faces are smaller than adults, and their bones are developing. They cannot support the three-dimensional structure of masks like adults, and the protective effect of general masks is not ideal.

The Technical Specification for Daily Protective Masks (hereinafter referred to as the “Code”) was formally implemented from November 1 this year, but the “Code” clearly states that this standard “does not apply to masks for children” because of differences in physical characteristics of children The research on the influence of respiratory resistance on children's growth needs to be improved. Without the relevant national standard, children can only wear cotton masks or adult masks suitable for small faces. However, the former cannot prevent PM2.5. If it is not cleaned and disinfected frequently, it may breed bacteria; the latter not only is uncomfortable to wear, but also often "leaks" due to the oversize model. The entry of the gap basically does not play a filtering role.

Relevant national departments should formulate standards and specifications for children's masks as soon as possible. One is to regulate the manufacturers of masks, and the other is to allow consumers to follow the rules when buying children's masks and not be blinded by false advertising. At the same time, mask manufacturers should take the initiative to formulate a set of specifications specifically for children's masks; strictly require product quality, pay attention to children's cardiopulmonary function, and actively develop respiratory protection products that are truly suitable for children.

Masks(Medical Respirator Company) with high adhesion, low breathing resistance and high filterability are the first choice for children's haze masks. Existing melt-blown nonwoven fabric masks have material bottlenecks and it is difficult to meet the haze prevention standards. Some manufacturers have developed a new type of nano-film material, which is light and thin, and has the advantages of low breathing resistance, high filtration, and high comfort. It is suitable for children. In addition, Japan, Europe and the United States and other countries have already developed special masks suitable for children. They are rich in variety, soft materials and light in shape, which is worthy of reference for Chinese manufacturers.