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Are you wearing a haze mask?

  • Release on:2020-03-30
As we have said before, the previously applicable national standard is actually an industrial standard, originally aimed at some workers who work continuously in a highly polluted environment. Let's just go out on the street and suck in the haze, and no one wants to go exhausted. In short, in this case, the filtering efficiency of the mask is enough, however, a capital is boring! However, now that there are special civilian standards, no longer have to worry about it!

If you think about it, you can understand that the higher the filtering efficiency, the greater the resistance to breathing. Several experiments in the laboratory supervised and constructed by the National Labor Protection Products Quality Supervision and Inspection Center have shown that even if ordinary adults wear KN95 masks and walk for a period of time, the blood oxygen content will drop. Dizziness and chest tightness.

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(1) Who is not suitable for wearing haze masks(3 Ply Face Mask Supplier)?

The following people wear masks, but pay more attention:

1. The elderly

2. Pregnant women

3. Children

4. Frail people with heart and lung disease

However, the contradiction is that these people are also the most vulnerable to smog. Is n’t this a problem? In the final analysis, whether you can go out or stay indoors, if something goes out of the door, with a breathing valve The mask can be slightly better.

(2) How long can the haze mask(Medical Respirator Manufacturer) be worn?

Personally, wearing for a long time may cause breathlessness or even physical discomfort, so it is generally not recommended to wear anti-haze masks for a long time, but as long as there is no obvious discomfort, it should not be What is the big problem.

In terms of the service life of the masks, the 3M particle protection masks(Earloop Face Mask Wholesale) are designed for one-time use for 8 hours a day in harsh environments. There are no strict life requirements for daily applications. Therefore, ordinary consumers can estimate the reasonable use time of masks according to the degree of air pollution and the frequency of use. Get a balance between protection effect and purchase cost. In the end, how to find this balance?

We suggest this: when the wearing time is short (within two hours), and the air index is less than 300, it can take up to two weeks, and the service life will decrease according to the wearing time and air pollution. If there is a break in the middle, it is calculated according to the actual use time, but it is too long after opening, such as more than a month, even if it is not used at this time, it is still painful to throw it away.