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How does the root control bag work?

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How does the root control bag work?

2017-09-20 10:15:01
How does the root control bag work?

First, the special polypropylene material, can cause natural root effect, transplant effect is high. After planting the root outwards, because the material permeability is better, the plant roots contact with this unique material will not run through the bag surface, but because of the role of air in the United States to form a new root system bags, The bag grows a lot of fibrous roots, rather than a few main root coiled media, which is the effect of natural roots.

Second, the plant is like a kind of rapid growth in the field, is the other container cultivation method is not planted after the root can still expand, will not form a packing, and water and nutrients can still be outside the United States by the fine roots of the normal absorption , And then by the root of the wooden part of the upward delivery, and planted in the field of the same effect, is less than other container cultivation.

Third, the water infiltration freely, not water. Root control bag of special materials, can make moisture and nutrients free to penetrate, there will be no accumulation of water in the United States caused the root of the root bag burning phenomenon.

Fourth, the transplant cost is low, the transplant season is long. Because the need for skilled workers to root transplant, ordinary workers can be transplanted, easy to facilitate the cost of transplantation is low, because the soil ball than the traditional planted trees to reduce the soil ball about 25%, so the handling costs can be reduced a lot, after harvest, can be used for packaging soil ball containers, soil balls remain intact, transplant survival rate is high, no need to pack another to reduce costs.

Fifth, carbohydrates accumulated in the root control bag, transplanted quickly after the resumption of growth. Since the roots have been stripped by the ring, the carbohydrates produced by the leaves are transported from the phloem to the roots, but the bags can not be delivered. Carbohydrate nutrients accumulate in the roots of the bags to form the tumor, but after the transplant, Recovery of growth, transplant survival rate and quality increased significantly.