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Do you know non-woven nursery bags?

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Do you know non-woven nursery bags?

2017-09-19 14:03:03
In China, the use of plastic bags of clay nursery container application is very common - has been eliminated in foreign countries, this traditional container nursery seedlings nursery stock generally exist nest, root, root, weak roots and other root conditions , Which has become one of the important sources of low quality of plantation in China.

Over the years has been concerned about the domestic and foreign nursery theory and technological progress of the Chinese Academy of Forestry Hou Yuanzhao researcher talked about the development trend of international nursery containers, pointed out that the cause of modern forest seedlings, we must abandon the traditional nursery concept, vigorously promote the balance of root container seedlings And other advanced nursery technology.

Balanced root container nursery concept and technology began in France. The use of non-woven fabrics and other easy to penetrate, not nested material for the container to water, air permeability and transmission of strong ability to light the substrate for the nursery matrix is ​​the key to this technology.

Why do you advocate the use of transparent materials such as non-woven materials instead of plastic containers? Why forestry experts so optimistic about the balance of root container seedling technology, which technical advantages? This new technology in China's promotion and application of how?

    Why nonwovens containers are significantly better than plastic containers

According to the concept of modern nursery, good nursery containers and the substrate is a key factor in nurturing seedlings. To plastic bags, hard plastic pipe is not easy to penetrate the material for the container to clay as the substrate to nursery, the nursery seedlings must be root development is not normal. Seedling roots are not normal, will lead to trees and anchorage is not strong, absorb water and nutrition space is very small, resulting in slow growth, a variety of poor resistance, the combined result is leading to small old tree. Prof. Hou Yunchao pointed out that if the container was chosen improperly, the consequences could lead to afforestation failure. Now the monomer, easy to penetrate, easy to break down, do not recycle the container has become the mainstream of nursery containers.

Why light substrate non-woven container seedlings high survival rate, tree growth was significantly better than plastic containers seedlings? Light matrix non-woven container seedlings no winding roots, but also the formation of a strange effect: seedlings once the soil will grow directly, to avoid the squatting stage, if the nursery stock with air after the formation of callus, Explosive rooting, while the ground part of the direct long. This is by far the other types of containers can not do. These exposed the outer wall of the container and the formation of the root of the callus, the internal supply of nutrients, forming a ready-made physiological state. In the new nursery concept, this root-end callus is more advantageous than the formation of complex roots.

Why is it called "the revolutionary technology of forestry nursery"

Balanced root nursery technology known as China's forestry nursery field of a revolutionary technology. What are the technical advantages of its afforestation?

Advantages: Completely solve the seedlings because of bad problems brought about by the various consequences, improve the resistance (wind, drought, pest damage, etc.) and growth rate (such as after planting do not squatting seedlings, direct growth, etc.) Greatly reducing the possibility of young trees becoming small old trees.

Advantage II: to extend the afforestation season, in the north, in addition to winter, other seasons can be afforestation; in the south, can be afforestation throughout the year.

Advantage 3: high survival rate of afforestation. In theory, it will not die due to the reasons for their own seedlings. Even if the death, but also because of external reasons.

Advantage 4: suitable for arid areas and mountain afforestation. As the non-woven container seedlings do not come loose with loose and have a higher fertilizer matrix, seedlings in the afforestation also has a long buffer drought (the effective use of water within the matrix ratio), especially for drought or desert Afforestation.

Advantage of five: not planted after planting seedlings, direct growth. If the nursery stock has the air to cut the formation of callus, there will be burst root and the ground part of the direct long.

Advantage 6: to achieve full integration of nursery technology. Is the direct seeding or cutting nursery after the nursery stock cultivation procedures are completed in the same container until the mountain afforestation, high efficiency.

Advantage 7: high efficiency of afforestation. Plastic bag seedlings, afforestation must tear off the bag, but also the formation of white pollution, hard plastic tube container seedlings must be recycled, very troublesome, and will increase the cost of recovery. Non-woven container seedlings will not bring such problems, eliminating the need for container recycling, the weight of seedlings per plant is very light.

Advantages 8: If our country into the full use of non-woven balanced root container seedlings of the afforestation era, can effectively improve the quality of China's plantation, improve forest health and growth, increase carbon sinks, reduce carbon emissions (is a low-carbon Nursery and afforestation techniques).

Advantage 9: As the matrix formula contains slow release fertilizer, to meet the use of seedlings for 3 months, so this technology is also soilless cultivation, low energy, creating a new opportunity.

Advantage 10: The technology can be applied to agriculture, horticulture, flower nursery field, and bring similar ecological and economic effects. For example, can be used for suburban greenhouse vegetable or flower layer production (that is, in the greenhouse on the shelf to engage in multi-storey plant cultivation), urban roof greening, landscaping and so on.

It can be said that if the balanced root seedling technology in the field of forest nursery in China to promote the application, will greatly improve the quality of China's plantation, modern forestry development in China will bring a revolutionary impact.