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Do you know the points for attention to the use of non woven nursery bags?

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Do you know the points for attention to the use of non woven nursery bags?

2017-09-21 09:40:57
Nonwovens nursery bags are increasingly used in the preparation of nursery. We are very clear that the advantages of non-woven nursery bags. After statistics, found that most of the cultivation of Torreya grandis, Camellia seedlings, Red Rocket Lagerstroemia and so on. So how do we use non-woven nursery bags in order to cultivate good seedlings? In this season, how to correctly use non-woven nursery bags? Are there any places that need attention? Here, to share some of the basic operational essentials, hoping to make everyone more vigorous breeding.

Non-woven nursery bags note:

First, make full use of the container breathable, permeable characteristics
The use of non-woven nursery containers need to make full use of the container breathable, permeable characteristics, placed in the non-woven nursery containers to tightly paste, so as to facilitate moisture, fertilizer mutual penetration, but the air to pay attention to moisture management. After the practice of Chinese professionals, as long as even if the air repair roots, the container between the root system will not penetrate each other, if the irrigation facilities in good condition, the container can have a larger spacing, but so the number of nursery will be reduced. If the roots penetrate each other, they can also be moved or the tool is broken.

Second, the vacant nursery bags, make full use of the bottom of the air repair roots
The top of the non-woven nursery bag is preferably placed in an overhead tray for the bottom air to repair the roots and to implement intensive management. In the case of conditions are not allowed, the container can be placed in the conventional seedbed, as long as the attention to the regular iron with the roots of the root or regular movement seedlings. If the use of non-woven bags of nursery bags, then it is a large amount of water evaporation, water to ground. In addition to the above precautions, the traditional experience of seedbed management with traditional container management experience can be used for non-woven nursery container management.