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Do you know medical nonwovens?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-05-06
With the continuous updating and rapid development of packaging materials for sterilized articles, medical non-woven fabrics have gradually entered the disinfection supply centers of various hospitals at various levels as the final packaging materials for sterilizedarticles. How to control the quality of medical non-woven fabrics, you must payattention to the ten aspects of medical non-woven fabrics.

1. Medical nonwovens are different from ordinary non-woven fabrics and composite non-woven fabrics. Ordinary non-wovenfabrics do not have antibacterial properties; composite non-woven fabrics havegood waterproof effect and poor gas permeability, and are generally used forsurgical gowns and surgical sheets; medical non-woven fabrics are spunbond,meltblown, and spunbond (SMS) processes. It is pressed and pressed, has the characteristics of bacteriostatic, hydrophobic, ventilating and no dandruff. Itis used for the final packaging of sterilized articles, and it can be used onceand without cleaning.

2, the quality standards of medicalnon-woven fabrics: medical non-woven fabrics used to sterilize the finalpackaging materials of medical equipment, should meet the requirements of GB/T19633 and YY/T0698.2.

3, non-woven fabric is valid for use: thevalidity period of medical non-woven fabric itself is generally 2 to 3 years,the product validity period of different manufacturers is slightly different,please refer to the instructions for use. Sterile articles packaged in medical non-woven fabrics should be valid for 180 days and are not affected by sterilization methods.

4. It is advisable to add or subtract 5grams of non-woven fabric for sterilization of 50g/m2.

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5, when the medical non-woven packaging surgical instruments, the closed packaging method should be divided into twolayers of non-woven fabrics, and repeated folding can form a long curved pathto prevent microorgani sms from "easy" into the sterilization package.Can not be packaged in 2 layers of non-woven fabric.

6. After the medical non-woven fabric issterilized by high temperature, the internal results will change, which willaffect the penetration and sterilization performance of the sterilization medium. Therefore, the medical non-woven fabric shall not be repeatedly usedfor sterilization.

7. Due to the hydrophobic properties of the non-woven fabric, excessive and excessively heavy metal instruments aresterilized by high temperature, and condensed water is formed during the cooling process, which tends to produce wet packets. Therefore, in the largeequipment package, the water absorbing material is padded, the sterilizer loadis appropriately reduced, the gap between the sterilization bags is left, thedrying time is appropriately extended, and the wet bag is avoided as much aspossible.

8. Low-temperature plasma of hydrogenperoxide should use “Tweed Strong” non-woven fabric. It is not allowed to use medical non-woven fabriccontaining plant fiber, because plant fiber will absorb hydrogen peroxide.

9. Although medical non-woven fabrics arenot medical devices, they are related to the quality of medical devicesterilization. The quality of medical non-woven fabrics as packaging materialsand the packaging methods are essential for ensuring the level of sterility.

10. Refer to the inspection report andproduct batch test report provided by the manufacturer, and check the physicaland chemical properties of the medical non-woven fabric to ensure the quality of the used product.

For the management of medical non-woven fabrics,the non-woven fabric manufacturers are responsible for the production qualityof medical non-woven fabrics, the hospital equipment department and theinfection office are responsible for the qualification review and qualityinspection of the products, and the supply room personnel are responsible forthe packaging quality of the sterilized articles. Under the circumstance, thequality of sterilization of medical devices can be guaranteed.