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Do you know what hot air non-woven fabrics are?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-05-03
The hot air non-woven fabric belongs to a hot air bonded (hot rolled, hot air) non-woven fabric. The hot air non-woven fabric(China Nonwovens Products Company) is a nonwoven fabric produced by combing fibers and using hot air on a drying device to penetrate the web and heat it.

Hot air bonding refers to a production mode of bonding produced on a drying apparatus by using hot air to penetrate the fiber web and melting it by heating, as shown in FIG. Different heating methods, product performance and style are also different. Generally, the hot air bonded product has the characteristics of fluffiness, softness, good flexibility, and strong warmth, but the strength is low and the deformation is easy.

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Flat net hot air non-woven(Hot Air Through Non Woven Fabric Supplier) production line, the width is generally 2.85m, the production speed is 100-120m / min, and the annual production capacity is about 3000t.

The line produces a nonwoven fabric(Non Woven Products Supplier) with a basis weight of 13-25 g / m2. Choose from different ES and PET fibers to enhance the line of softness, comfort, dryness and fit, and expand the production of high-end products in the hygiene sector. This product is mainly used for high-density super soft products such as feminine hygiene products, baby diapers/tablets, adult incontinence products, surgical gowns and medical mattresses.