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How to use non-woven fabric as a carrier or filter element for automotive air conditioners?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-05-02
The flexibility of the non-woven production mode also brings high added value to the sound insulation and noise reduction of the car. In research and development, we work closely with our customers to design products based on customer needs. For example, adding short fibers, fiber fabrics, and even adding a barrier layer between the two layers of material for better sound insulation.

In addition, it should be emphasized that non-woven fabrics(China Non Woven Mat Wholesale) can achieve “zero emissions” and inject new vitality into the innovation of automotive interiors. According to Mr. Hiddo, “zero volts” emissions come from a unique two-step process of bicomponent spinning followed by special screen and bonding techniques. Although the nonwoven fabric is a multi-layer structure, bonding between layers is required, but the bonding technique is thermal bonding, only considering temperature changes, do not use glue or resin and any other chemical adhesive, so there is no VOC. produce.

In order to provide high performance materials with unique market value, innovation has always been an important strategy for technology research and development. The current automotive industry is changing rapidly. According to new technology trends and environmental standards, automakers will have different or even higher requirements for air, fuel and other filtration systems and efficiencies.

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The use of non-woven fabrics(Needle Punch Non Woven Felt On Sales) as carriers or filter elements for automotive air conditioners can help automakers work together to address these new needs and challenges. Mr. Hiddo said: “Nonwovens(Geotextile Fabric Vendor) are thermally bonded, without the use of glue or chemical binders to ensure optimum breathability and dimensional stability, both of which are important to filter manufacturers and users; nonwovens The fabric is easy to pleat, produces crisp, stable pleats, and improves filter performance; the unique long screen process increases the ability of air and liquid to flow and flow, making it the preferred substrate for filtration media.

At present, reducing costs and improving efficiency are the strong demands of auto companies. This is reflected in the lightweight, design flexibility and localized supply of automobiles, which are our advantages and advantages. Especially for localized supply, we can significantly reduce our customers' inventory and logistics costs. In terms of lightweighting, the flexible product portfolio can provide customers with a wealth of choices; in terms of R&D capabilities, we are able to bring mature European application cases to China with engineers, invest in human and material resources, work closely with customers, and support customer products. Better growth.