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Detailed analysis of the global non-woven wipes industry in 2021

  • Release on:2020-12-28
As disinfectant non-woven wipes(Spunlace Non Woven On Sales) are regarded as an indispensable tool to fight the spread of the new crown virus pandemic, the global non-woven wipes industry has ushered in great prosperity.

Market analysis of the four main types of wet wipes shows that the overall market demand for wet wipes will continue to grow

There are four main types of wipes (home care, baby, personal care, industrial) and 16 sub-categories of the market. The report shows the outlook for each product in 2020 and beyond as follows:

● Home care wipes

The Covid-19 virus has had the most direct impact on home care wipes(Spunlace Non Woven Fabric Company). Secondly, disinfection wipes are the second most affected market among all nonwovens, second only to mask products. The unprecedented surge in demand in 2020 is only constrained by insufficient supply and processing capacity. Major suppliers of disinfectant wipes estimate that the production volume in mid-2021 will not be able to meet current demand at the earliest. By 2025, driven by household disinfectant wipes, the overall demand for disinfectant wipes will continue to grow.

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● Personal care wipes

Confinement orders and the situation of working from home have led to a surge in demand for personal care wipes(Cotton Nonwoven Fabric Vendor). The supply shortage in the first half of 2020 has led consumers to purchase large amounts of toilet paper and adult incontinence wipes, but this rapid increase is a short-term phenomenon. Although growth will slow in 2021, the personal care wipes market will still be the most expensive and fastest growing part of all major wipes types.

● Baby wipes

Baby wipes remain the largest single market segment in the wipes market, accounting for 48.4% of the total tonnage. This year, as consumers hoard all types of wet wipes, this demand will accelerate growth. This temporary peak will reach 2021-2025, and the growth rate will decline slightly.

● Industrial wipes

Industrial wipes, mainly for businesses, are expected to be hit hardest by Covid-19. In particular, major users in the automotive and construction markets have reduced their consumption. Due to the closure of bars, cafes and restaurants, wipes for catering services have been greatly reduced. The market segment where the demand for wet wipes is growing is medical and sanitary wipes. Obviously, strengthening disinfection measures is an important tool to overcome the Covid-19 virus at present and in the future.