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Non-woven fabric for fruit basket

  • Release on:2020-12-30
Now people’s quality of life is gradually improving, and there are more requirements for health. Natural and nutritious green fruits are getting more and more people’s favor. Let’s talk about the special non-woven fabric for fruit baskets(Nonwoven Packaging Bag On Sales).

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The consumption of green fruits depends on the application of fruit bagging technology. There are corresponding fruit bagging(Non-Woven Drawstring Bag Factory) available for all kinds of fruit consumption, and the consumption information of fruit bagging is varied. One of the most environmentally friendly is the fruit bagging made of non-woven fabrics. Fruit bagging non-woven fabrics(Non Woven Fabric Bag Supplier) are mainly used in the later stages of growth. Its function is to prevent the fruit from being attacked by birds, pests and diseases, and damage from wind, rain and sunlight when it is close to maturity, thus resulting in a reduction in harvest or a difference in quality. At the same time, it can isolate the fruit from the corrosion of environmental pollution, so that it will not be scratched by branches during the growth process. Bagging can produce part of the greenhouse effect, make the fruit maintain the proper humidity and temperature, improve the sweetness of the fruit, improve the luster of the fruit, improve the level of the fruit, the benefit is significant, increase the yield of the fruit, and shorten the growth period, which plays a role in promoting Cooked effect.