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Why is SS non-woven fabric softer than other products?

  • Release on:2020-12-25
Every place in life is gradually seeing non-woven fabrics. It is made of double-layer spunbond technology, which is significantly better than single-layer in terms of strength and uniform appearance. It tends to be used in high-end fields, and is often used in medical treatment and diapers.

SS non-woven fabric(China SS Nonwovens On Sales) is softer than other non-woven products. The material it uses is polypropylene, which accounts for a relatively low proportion of the total. The fluffy feel is better than cotton, and the touch is very skin-friendly. The skin-friendly reason of SS non-woven fabric is that it is soft and consists of many fine fibers. All products made of fine fibers have strong air permeability, which can keep the fabric dry and easier to clean. This is a non-irritating, non-toxic product that meets the requirements of food-grade raw materials. It is a fabric without any chemical substances and is harmless to the body. SS non-woven fabric(SS Non Woven Fabric Wholesale) has unique antibacterial properties, which can isolate the presence of bacteria and parasites from the intrusion of liquids. Antibacterial properties make this product widely used in medical care. The nonwoven fabric used in the medical industry is to fix some textile fibers and filaments by thermal bonding or chemical methods. It is superior in function to other non-woven products, especially in waterproof, heat preservation, softness, filtration and other functions.

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SS non-woven fabrics(China Polypropylene Non Woven Fabric Supplier) are high-end non-woven fabrics and can be in some demanding ranges. There are various types of non-woven fabrics, and spunlace non-woven fabrics are also one of them. It is sprayed on the fiber web by high-pressure water to mix all the fibers together to make the web more stable and solid. Hot air non-woven fabric is added The fiber after cooling and the fabric after heat fusion are relatively stable. In addition to the above two products, there are many kinds of products. Through the needs of people using them in various fields, the needs of medicine and health care are the most important.