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Can flame retardant nonwovens be biodegradable?

  • Release on:2019-12-13
Can flame retardant nonwovens be biodegradable? Yes. The natural decomposition of outdoor, life is about three months. Indoor oxidation theoretically has a life span of five or six years.

Flame retardant non-woven fabric is also called non-woven fabric (Taiwan name), non-woven fabric (more formal scientific name) in this industry is called polypropylene spunbond staple fiber non-woven fabric(China Fire-Retardant Non Woven Manufacturer), which is called polypropylene is the original information, spunbond is Process, short fiber is to describe its fiber properties, due to the corresponding long fiber. Traditional fabrics, whether weaving or knitting, or other weaving methods, have a process of fiber-spinning-weaving, while non-wovens do not require this process of spinning, so they are called non-wovens.

China Fire-Retardant Non Woven Manufacturer, Embossed Nonwovens Factory, Printed Non Woven Fabric WholesaleChina Fire-Retardant Non Woven Manufacturer, Embossed Nonwovens Factory, Printed Non Woven Fabric Wholesale

Whether the flame retardant non-woven fabric(Printed Non Woven Fabric Wholesale) can be degraded depends on the type of fiber. If it is all natural fibers, it must be able to. If it can be recovered, it is actually a kind of green material. Most non-woven fabrics, especially common non-woven bags, are spunbond and degradable. The manufacturing process of flame-retardant non-woven fabrics(Embossed Nonwovens Factory) is fiber-netting-consolidation-post-treatment. The varieties are mainly classified according to the method of consolidation and network formation. There are mainly spunbond, hydroentanglement, needle punching, and hot rolling.

Therefore, everyone can rest assured that flame-retardant non-woven fabrics can be biodegraded and can be used with confidence.