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Do you know how non woven wallpaper is applied?

  • Release on:2019-12-17
What can I buy from a non-woven fabric? Such as familiar sanitary products, or some packaging bags, wallpaper, etc., almost all can use it. Wallpapers made with it have advantages such as beauty. But what should I do about the wallpaper?

1.Crop wallpaper

Lay out the wallpaper, measure the height of the wall, and reserve 5 cm from the height of the wall to cut the wallpaper.

2.Wall surface treatment

Wall surface requirements: clean, clean, flat, dry, uniform color, no defects, the wall surface should be painted and dried before construction.

3.Brush wallpaper glue

The glue needs to be evenly brushed on the wall surface. The glue cannot be directly brushed on the back of the non-woven wallpaper, because the non-woven wallpaper(Printed Non Woven Fabric Vendor) is different from other wallpapers, the glue should be thicker and thicker.

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Post the non-woven wallpaper(PET Decoration Non Woven Manufacturer) in the order drawn in advance.

5, construction wallpaper cutting

Need to overlap and cut the construction. During construction, use the method of front and back to apply during construction. After aligning the pattern, ensure that the pattern is pressed with a ruler at the overlap, cut, and ensure that The cutting knife is sharp and has no burrs. Pay attention to the strength of the knife and ensure that it is cut once.

6.Clean the wallpaper

If there is dust on the surface after construction, you can use a short-bristle brush or a ladle to gently wipe it. Do not wipe it with a wet towel.

Before applying non-woven wallpaper(Home Textile Nonwovens On Sales), be sure to clean the wall surface, because dirt will affect the paving and it is easy to make the wallpaper fall off. And it must be corrected to ensure that it does not affect the overall appearance.