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Application of Hydrophilic Nonwovens in the Automotive Industry

  • Release on:2019-09-25
Cars are often covered with hydrophilic non-woven fabrics(Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric Wholesale), especially when parking, which also shows that this fabric has also been well used in the automotive industry, specifically how it should be in this field.

Hydrophilic Non-woven Fabric Wholesale, Water Absorbent Nonwovens Manufacturer, Home Textile Nonwovens VendorHydrophilic Non-woven Fabric Wholesale, Water Absorbent Nonwovens Manufacturer, Home Textile Nonwovens Vendor

1. From the cockpit filter and seat cover to the trunk lining, the sound insulation felt immediately carpet, hydrophilic nonwovens play an important role in the automotive market.

2. The hydrophilic non-woven fabric(Water Absorbent Nonwovens Manufacturer) is mainly used for knitted interior materials, flame-retardant, anti-static car woven decorative velvet materials, structural composite interior fiber-based composite materials.

3. The hydrophilic non-woven fabric(Home Textile Nonwovens Vendor) can be used as a decorative fabric for the car. It can reflect the luxury of the car and bring a comfortable environment for the car. Because the non-woven fabric also has a flame retardant effect, it is safe.

The car needs to be covered with a hydrophilic non-woven fabric to prevent dust from falling on the car and play a cleaning role. In addition, the non-woven fabric can effectively block noise and antistatic, and is a professional fabric for protecting the car.