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Filtration of Non Woven Fabric

  • Release on:2019-09-26
Filtration non-woven fabric is a kind of non-woven fabric with good filter ability in common non-woven fabrics. When multiple non-woven fabrics(Non-woven Filter Material Wholesale) are spliced together, it will save a lot of fabricand save cost. Is there a seaming method?

1. Lap method: used in some less important small projects, the thickness of the thin filter non-woven seams, the overlap width is often greater than 20 cm.

Non-woven Filter Material Wholesale, PP Non Woven Material Vendor, Filtration Nonwovens On SalesNon-woven Filter Material Wholesale, PP Non Woven Material Vendor, Filtration Nonwovens On Sales

2, welding method: the core layer of the filter non-woven fabric(PP Non Woven Material Vendor) is mainly welded by automatic wedge type double-weldwelding machine. The joint quality can be inflated and tested. The lap width isselected according to the welding equipment. For complex parts or partialrepair, high temperature hot air can be used. Welding machine, extrusionwelding torch welding.

3. Pasting method: When the filament thermal-adhesive composite geomembrane is used, the adhesive bonding can beadopted, the filtering non-woven fabric is seamed by the top overlapping edge,the PE film layer is selected by welding method, and the non-woven layer isselected by seaming. legitimate.

If you want to use multiple pieces of filter non-woven fabric(Filtration Nonwovens On Sales), you can splicing multiple non-woven fabrics together,you need to take measures to seam, and leave no gaps when splicing, which isgood for later use.