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Application of Geotextile in Asphalt Pavement Covering Engineering

  • Release on:2019-09-27
Under the combined effect of temperature,traffic and climate, the asphalt pavement has structural damage, such aslo ngitudinal and transverse cracks and mesh cracks, surface damage (such aspits, looseness, displacement, etc.) and rutting. Road surface damage affects the handling of road and asphalt mixture. However, the cracks on the original road(Highway Maintenance Nonwovens Factory) surface are deformed under the combined effect of temperature and trafficload, causing the asphalt over burden to reflect and crack at the original crack. Large reflective cracks will cause road surface water to infiltrate. This causes new diseases in the asphalt overcoat.

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Geotextile(China Geotextile Wholesale) stress absorption interlayer canbe used to reduce or delay the reflection of cracks. Studies have shown that geotextile composite materials can prevent reflection cracks, asphalt surfacelayer thickness can be reduced by 36%, rutting can be reduced by 50%, and roadlife is extended 3~6 years.

For the asphalt pavement overlaying project, it is generally treated by full paving. For example, there are fewer cracks (only a small number of transverse cracks), and the seaming method canalso be adopted. The geotextile(Road Maintenance Nonwovens Manufacturer) is laid on the surface of the old asphaltpavement.