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Why is there a shortage of meltblown cloth?

  • Release on:2021-06-21
Strictly speaking, there are two kinds of raw materials for masks non-woven fabrics(Cloth Face Mask On Sales) and meltblown fabrics.

Compliant medical masks are composed of 30%. The inner and outer layers are non-woven fabrics. The former is ordinary non-woven fabrics and the latter is waterproofed to isolate liquids. The electret-treated meltblown cloth in the middle can filter out most viruses.

This layer of meltblown cloth is the core, which is called the "heart" of medical surgical masks(Melt-Blown Non Woven Company) and N95 masks.

The technical threshold of non-woven fabrics is low, and there are many industrial uses, so supply is not a problem. China is the world's largest producer of non-woven fabrics. According to the statistics of the China Industrial Textile Industry Association, the production of non-woven fabrics in 2018 was about 5.94 million tons.

The output of meltblown cloth is very low. In 2018, the national output was only 53,500 tons. According to the 300-day start-up day, the daily output was 180 tons. Not only for masks, but also for environmental protection materials, clothing materials, battery diaphragm materials, wiping materials, etc. Compared with mask manufacturers, there are not many melt blown cloth manufacturers.

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What is even more difficult is that the total output of non-woven fabrics(PP Meltblown Fabrics Vendor) in the country is 60% and the global market share is 1/4-in Hubei Xiantao.

The epidemic hit, driven by huge demand, many mask manufacturers have expanded their production, and a large number of laymen have crossed the border, but one of the bottlenecks is the shortage of raw material meltblown cloth. The production line of meltblown cloth has been matched with market demand before the outbreak, and it is difficult to rapidly expand its production in a short period of time.

Therefore, the output of polypropylene has come up, but it does not mean that the output of meltblown cloth will also "naturally". The so-called price increase of meltblown cloth is an objective result brought about by the relationship between supply and demand and production bottlenecks, and it is a market law. Increasing the output of meltblown cloth has become the most important thing.

Compared with the mask production line, the equipment cost of the melt blown cloth production line is high and the cycle is long. The imported complete production line is about 3 months at the fastest from purchase, installation, commissioning, and technician training; if the domestic production line is the fastest, it is about 8 months . It is possible that after the investment is completed, the epidemic has passed, and it will become an investment failure. Therefore, the willingness of enterprises to invest is not strong.