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Do you know meltblown cloth microfiber wipes?

  • Release on:2021-06-23
In ancient times, the textile fibers used by people were all natural, such as silk, wool, hemp, and cotton. Among them, mulberry silk is one of the best fibers, but there are still some things in terms of comfort of wearing and beauty of appearance. shortage. With the passage of time, people are not satisfied with the traditional textile technology, which makes people pay more and more attention to the development of the textile industry. They are committed to discovering the characteristics of various chemical fibers, giving new knowledge, and using superb technical means. Finally developed a high-performance fiber material that is unmatched by natural fibers—superfine fibers.

Meltblown Company, Electrostatic Filter Vendor, Meltblown Non Woven FactoryMeltblown Company, Electrostatic Filter Vendor, Meltblown Non Woven Factory

As a leading meltblown non-woven fabric manufacturer(Meltblown Non Woven Factory) in the industry, we have successfully developed meltblown(Electrostatic Filter Vendor) microfiber scrubbing cloths, which can be used in the scrubbing of heavy oil, the maintenance of machine tools and large equipment. Important scenes such as the removal of ink leakage, the pretreatment of automobile painting and the cleaning of the exterior of the car body, plus the meltblown microfiber scrubbing cloth is made of meltblown microfiber, which does not scratch the appearance of the product, and has a good The insulation and chemical resistance characteristics. More and more highlights our technical sophistication and excellent products. After repeated practice, it has indeed proved that the meltblown microfiber scrubbing cloth has the advantages of soft hand feeling, fast absorption speed, no swarf on the surface, and high absorption multiple. At the same time, the praise from customers also shows that our products are better than similar products in scrubbing performance. product.

The main products of our company's meltblown microfiber are: meltblown microfiber scrubbing cloth, PP non-woven fabric, non-woven mask filter cloth(Meltblown Company), etc.