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Why is PP non-woven fabric so soft?

  • Release on:2020-12-04
Why is PP non-woven fabric so soft? Where is the secret of softness?

In the processing of PP non-woven fabrics(TNT Fabric Material Factory), due to the influence of chemical adhesives, additives or low-temperature drying, it will stimulate the shortcomings of rough hand feeling and stiffness, which limits the operation of non-woven fabrics on certain scales. Many sanitary and protective non-woven products, such as sanitary napkin fabrics. All kinds of clean sassafras wipes require pp non-woven fabrics to have good flexibility, so the non-woven sanitary materials need to be softly cleared. Frequently operated systems include mechanical and chemical systems.


If the mechanical kneading and soft settlement master knead or shorten the non-woven fabric through the process to reduce its rigidity to achieve the soft goal, this kind of soft wheel settlement mainly has two mechanical processing systems, namely, the Krapac method and the McLeis method. .

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1. Krapac method

The Krapac method was first operated on papermaking properties and then transplanted into wet-laid nonwovens. It was pre-shrinked and liquidated after mimicking the Sanfrai machine. In the following figure, after processing, the non-woven fabric can obtain excellent flexibility and improve the feel. The settlement of the law depends on the thickness, elasticity, fiber characteristics, pressure, fiber network structure, and thermal and humid conditions of the rubber belt.

2. Mike Rex method

The Mike Rex method is very strong in extrusion dyeing of PP non-woven fabrics(TNT Fabric Vendor), so it produces more crepe on the surface of non-woven fabrics, and the delay of advancing non-woven fabrics increases the unit area component and surface product. Compared with the Parker method, this weaving better improves the flexibility of the non-woven fabric. The crepe effect of the Mike Rex method can be evaluated by measuring the cell area growth degree or measuring the elongation degree of the non-woven fabric through optical means. Therefore, the settlement of this method largely depends on the geometric size of the crepe area and the input and output speed of pp non-woven fabrics.

Do you know the reason why PP non-woven fabric(TNT Non Woven Fabric Company) is soft?