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Why do we need to add electret masterbatch in the production of meltblown cloth?

  • Release on:2021-07-12
What is electret masterbatch? Why do we need to add electret masterbatch in the production of meltblown cloth(N95 Material Factory)

The national YY0469-2004 "Technical Requirements for Medical Surgical Masks" standard stipulates that important technical indicators that medical surgical masks must meet include filtration efficiency, bacterial filtration efficiency and respiratory resistance. Friends who make meltblown cloth know that only when the electret masterbatch is added to the meltblown material(Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Company) can it have a filtering effect on fine particles including air dust, aerosols, bacteria, and viruses.

So what is the role of electret masterbatch? Why can the filtering effect of meltblown cloth be improved by adding electret masterbatch?

Why do you need to add electret masterbatch to meltblown cloth? Meltblown cloth without electret has only mechanical barrier function, and the filtration efficiency is generally less than 50%. Only the electret melt blown cloth will be charged, so that it will have an efficient adsorption effect on the same charged 0.3 micron virus particles.

Meltblown Nonwoven Fabric Company, Melt Blown Filter Manufacturer, N95 Material FactoryMeltblown Nonwoven Fabric Company, Melt Blown Filter Manufacturer, N95 Material Factory

The biggest function of electret masterbatch is to store electric charge, which can electrostatically adsorb the particles, and quickly increase the filtering effect of melt blown cloth, reaching 90%, 95%, or even 99%.

The principle of electret masterbatch is to increase the density and depth of the charge trapping energy trap in the meltblown nonwoven fabric, effectively release negative ions and store charges to improve the comprehensive filtration efficiency and thermal attenuation resistance of the meltblown nonwoven fabric(Melt Blown Filter Manufacturer). Under the condition of the same fiber fineness and gram weight, it can reduce the resistance of non-woven products and improve the filtration efficiency of non-woven products.

The level 95 melt blown deployment will change to level 90 and level 85 within a few days. Why? The electret melt blown cloth reaches the 95+ level at first, but the filter effect drops after a few days of exposure, mainly because the electrostatic field is extremely unstable and the charge attenuates, causing the filter effect to attenuate.

Therefore, choosing electret masterbatches with long-term electricity storage and excellent compatibility with meltblown materials can effectively solve the problem of charge attenuation. It is recommended that you use melt-blown polypropylene PP material and electret masterbatch with excellent melt-blown compatibility.

It is worth noting that to produce a high-efficiency and high-quality meltblown cloth, in addition to choosing a high-performance electret masterbatch, meltblown material, it is also compatible with meltblown process, screw, spinneret, voltage, etc. Etc. are closely related.