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How to choose melt blown cloth?

  • Release on:2021-07-09
Since the end of 2019, a new coronavirus has broken out, and mask manufacturers and other anti-epidemic materials have made it difficult to find masks. The price of face masks(Fabric Face Mask Vendor) has skyrocketed, and even the price of flat face masks is higher than that of daily use. Under the strong appeal of the country, many factories took full advantage of the domestic manufacturing industry and quickly purchased mask machines to produce masks. However, with the increase in mask machine equipment, another problem facing the industry is the core filter membrane of traditional masks: melt blown cloth has become a hot material, and the price of melt blown cloth for masks has soared, even exceeding 500,000 tons in the market. Stunning prices have already appeared.

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In view of the chaos of the entire mask market, I would like to discuss the standards of the entire mask market through this article. When people say they want to buy masks, they say they need medical masks(Meltblown Fabric Wholesale). But in fact, are medical masks a protective product? Now, let us compare the national and group standards of masks on the market as well as foreign standards. As we all know, the important transmission route of the new coronavirus is respiratory droplet transmission and close contact transmission. Therefore, when people choose masks, in addition to the filtration efficiency of BFE, they should also pay more attention to the filtration performance of PFE, which directly determines the overall Protection performance. Through the comparison of the above implementation standards, we can clearly find that the aerosol filtration performance of ordinary masks is much higher than that of medical masks(99% Filteration Meltblown Factory) and disposable medical masks. Therefore, ordinary people do not need to blindly pursue medical masks when choosing masks. Medical masks pay more attention to the filtration efficiency of bacteria, but the size of the virus is much smaller than the size of the bacteria. Therefore, the filtration performance of PFE is higher and the virus protection effect is better.