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How are the masks produced?

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How are the masks produced?

2021-07-07 11:00:27
In accordance with the production process of medical masks(Nurse Face Mask Wholesale), after delivery of raw materials such as melt blown cloth and non-proof cloth, they are first divided into small rolls, put into the production line, and suppressed into protective masks(Medical Face Mask Factory) according to high-frequency welding, and then go through combing inspection and manual service sealing. , After 16 hours of sterilization, and half a month after the vaporization and sterilization of the analysis library, the protective masks that meet the product quality standards will enter the market according to freight logistics and sales.

Nurse Face Mask Wholesale, Disposable Face Mask Company, Medical Face Mask FactoryNurse Face Mask Wholesale, Disposable Face Mask Company, Medical Face Mask Factory

Step 1: The regular disposable medical mask is made of three layers of non-woven fabric raw materials(Disposable Face Mask Company), which are stacked together through a production machine like the one shown in the picture.

Step 2: The bendable metal wire on the upper part of the mask is matched and transported along one side of the non-woven fabric, then curled according to the structure in the figure, and then stitched at the back.

Step 3: The lamination structure of the mask body is mechanically set with a small bevel angle and gradually narrowed from left to right, and then the surface of the mask is flattened with a pressing sheet.

Step 4: The cutting process, edge filling and pressing, disinfection and sterilization are completed.