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What problems can the new applications of nonwovens in high-end products help us solve?

  • Release on:2021-06-11
Gas diffusion layer of fuel cell

In the future, fuel cells will be the main energy source, and a gas diffusion layer made of non-woven fabrics(Spunbond Non Woven Manufacturer) will help improve the efficiency of this technology. The highly uniform structure and thickness increase electrical conductivity and thermal conductivity, and improve the transport of gas and liquid in the fuel cell.

Down substitute: ecological fiber ball

Sustainability meets functional and performance requirements. The eco-fiber ball contains 70% recycled polyester, has good air permeability, is washable, fast-drying, and is the warmest synthetic material in the apparel market.

Spunbond Non Woven Manufacturer, Non Woven Products Company, China Nonwoven Fabric SupplierSpunbond Non Woven Manufacturer, Non Woven Products Company, China Nonwoven Fabric Supplier

Sound insulation mat designed for quiet driving environment

Sound insulation pads can do more than just the best sound absorption effect. Our non-woven(China Nonwoven Fabric Supplier) lightweight solutions can absorb sound inside and outside the car, while also reducing the overall weight of the vehicle and improving fuel efficiency.

Silicone foam, comfortable care

Our innovative wound care solution applies silica gel directly to hydrophilic foam. This allows the dressing to stick to healthy skin instead of sticking to the wound, while maintaining flexibility and efficacy for optimal wound care and comfort.

Lightweight chassis guard

Our chassis guards are stable, noise-reducing, easy to install, and lighter than most existing products. It is made of non-woven fabric(Non Woven Products Company). The solution is durable, soundproof and recyclable.