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What is the method of making non-woven bags?

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  • Release on:2018-06-01
What is the method of making non-woven bags? How to make a non-woven gift bag? Non-woven bag shopping bag The production process of the underwear bag is the fabric selection, fabric cutting, slitting, printing, sewing, packaging and other steps. How to make a non-woven gift bag?

When receiving a shopping bag production task, the first is the choice of fabrics, a good fabric can produce a lot of shopping bags, fabrics should choose the kind of surface has no Ze, vertical and horizontal pull difference is small, feel hard Some of the nonwovens. The choice of fabric weight, with practicality is appropriate.

How to make non-woven bags?

Non-woven bag - fabric selection
Why choose a fabric with a shiny surface? This is because the surface of the fabric is shiny, so that preparations for the later printing, one is good printing, and the other is the effect of printing out will be very good. In this way, the overall effect will be outstanding. Such a shopping bag will surely be well received by consumers.
Why do you want to feel a harder cloth? This is because the harder fabrics can stand up and hold up, highlighting the overall feeling of the shopping bag(China non-woven bags vendor). It is very practical. When I shop, putting a certain weight on the object will not break it. Safe and practical, this is the standard for shopping bags.
Similarly, it is required that the fabric has little difference in cross-pull tension, and it is also to ensure that the shopping bag has excellent performance in bearing weight.

Non-woven bag - cut and cut fabric
The second step, the production of good fabrics, into the warehouse, the next thing is how to make these large rolls of non-woven fabric into a bag? Well, just as you think, we need to cut it into a single piece of small fabric.
You can imagine using space imagination. A shopping bag is equal to a three-dimensional cube or cube. So, it has six faces, of which the top is empty, so the shopping bag actually has only five faces, before and after another big face, left and right sides, plus a bottom face. What we are talking about here is making shopping bags by sewing, which is a little different from ultrasonic bag making.
According to the size, we used an automatic slicer and a strip cutting machine to slit the fabric into small pieces of the fabric we needed. The large cuts are used to add the bottom three-sided joins before and after printing. Then there is the side, pickpockets, and edging. This is called cutting, which refers to the picking and wrapping. Because they are narrow, they must be cut into small pieces to match the finished product.

Non-woven bag - printing
The third step is printing. We generally use screen printing, because it is a piece of pure hand-printing, so his speed, progress will be slower than the machine printing, of course, the cost will be higher than the machine printing, but Its advantages are also obvious. It can be printed in a very small amount and the error rate is relatively low.
When printing, pay attention to the printed text, the pattern should have a good fullness, and the size of the grasp should be able to highlight the effect of the entire shopping bag(non-woven bags on sales).

Non-woven bag - sewn
The fourth step sewing, according to a certain specifications, and style, like sewing clothes, the large pieces of fabric, small pieces, pickpockets, edging and other fabric sewing together, it became the shopping bag we see the finished product.
Among them, there are a lot of sewing methods, for example, in the hands and large pieces of interface, do not need to cross, the fork is to increase the firmness. On the edge is to take a few lines, the length of the bag, and so on.

Non-woven bag - packing
The fifth and final step is packing. We use cartons according to certain specifications, 100 boxes, or 200 boxes. Fonts are printed on the boxes. In this way, one box of shopping bags(non-woven bags wholesale) is shipped through logistics, to all terminals sold to the vast number of consumers.
Now that shopping bags have grown into a variety of styles, the style of work and processes are slightly different, but the general production method is this way. I hope that the friends who read this article can understand that a finished shopping bag is The production method is enough.

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