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Do you know what purpose green non-woven fabrics have?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
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  • Release on:2018-06-04
Today, we introduce to you the specific purpose and role of green non-woven fabrics. Let's take a look at the details below.
Green non-woven fabric mainly refers to a highly functional non-woven fabric(China green non-woven fabric vendor) used in landscaping, urban greenbelt construction, and crop cold protection and antifreeze. Now it has a very high production process, and it can be used very well in various green construction projects. It is a product with a low price in the current market and a large role.

The effect of greening non-woven fabrics(green non-woven fabric on sales) in cold and frost protection is now used in many places. This kind of material is convenient when used, and it has high durability. Unlike some plastic bags, it is easy to use. If it is damaged, this kind of heat-insulating greening non-woven fabric is very resistant to pull, and will not be destroyed due to artificial force. It is not easy to damage, for thermal insulation and horticultural non-woven materials, for example, air permeability is also very good, as long as people use, when everyone feels that greening non-woven fabrics bring this kind of reliable help to people. Many of these injured crops are wounded on the roots and covered with non-woven fabrics(green non-woven fabric wholesale), which will play a good role in resisting cold and prevent the deterioration of these vegetables.

There is no need to think that this greening non-woven fabric covering plants will cause oxygen deficiency in plants. In fact, they will not, because cold, green, no yarn and water repellent treatment cannot lead to moisture and air in them and the outside world. Isolated, but only play a role in the cold, it is called "green." Another bright spot is that “green” neatness is very cheap, because the price is cheap, so many people can use this material to carry out anti-frost protection of crops, can afford it, at least not worry about price issues.

The use of green woven fabrics is very effective. When you use them, you will find that if you buy non-woven materials, you can use them for more than three months when you are outdoors, if you are indoors, but you can use them for eight years. , so that you can determine how cost-effective this material is.