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What is compressed towels ?

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What is compressed towels ?

2017-08-18 10:41:09
Compressed paper towels, also known as compressed towels or magic paper towels, is a paper towel and wipes after another life daily necessities. Compressed paper towel refers to the use of non-woven fabric cut into the shape of the towel and then by compression molding into a certain shape of the granular product, by compression molding after the general volume is very small, a 25x25cm face towel can be compressed into about 2x2x1cm volume, Usually with very sophisticated packaging such as candy bags, capsules and so on.

The selection of raw materials for compressed paper towels is the key to determining the feel and quality of the product. The materials used in the nonwoven fabrics are chemical fibers (such as polyester), cotton, wood fiber, and so on.

Compressed paper towel advantages:
Small size, easy to carry, suitable for delicate and lovely packaging;
The product itself is dry, will not deteriorate, you can permanently shelf life;
Products do not need to add any preservatives, easy to do to achieve health standards;
In the use of temporary temporary water, according to the different weather with the user want the water temperature;
Made of wood fiber compressed towel with a strong than the paper towel toughness, with a better than the wet wipes, with a delicate than the towel feel; can be completely degradable material will not cause pollution to the environment;

Compressed paper towel is a concentrated type of product, usually if the direct use of open to the general, then it is generally not easy, so you need to use less method to illustrate the amount of water dilution to open it, in contact with the water will immediately after the expansion of water swelling, And then by hand to fold the order to open it can be used in the case of conditions can also be based on personal preferences in the water by adding different flavor of the fragrance (such as Leipa Kern's compressed paper towel is equipped with a special choice for fragrance), so You can let the towel with a little like their own fragrance. In addition, according to the needs of the weather or personal preferences with different temperatures to dilute the compressed paper towels.

Use introduction
When used for meals, beauty SPA care, personal daily care, baby daily care, home use, travel to carry, private car spare, and so on.