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How to wear the surgical clothing correctly?

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How to wear the surgical clothing correctly?

2017-08-21 14:53:38
Smms nonwovens have a lot of use, one of which is the surgical clothing, we often see in the hospital, but it is on the wear of some of the requirements, many people do not know, this article will take you to understand the next.

After opening the open dress, to choose a more spacious space, hand collar, shaking, so that the other end of the clothes drooping. Pay attention to not make the surgical clothing touch other items or the ground; and then two hands to hold the collar two corners, the sleeves to the front position of the clothing to start, so that the inner side of the face of their own clothes; gently up the clothes up, Insert the sleeve, pay attention to avoid contact with contaminants; collar with the tie after the tie should be held in the chest, to avoid touch.

For the use of smms non-woven fabric made of all-inclusive clothing. When wearing the surgical clothing gently put on the same time, homeopathic hands and forearm into the sleeves, the degree of parallel to the forward stretch; tour nurses behind the Department of the back lace, wear sterile gloves can be.

Wearing surgical clothing is more important to ensure that sterile, smms non-woven fabrics as a raw material for manufacturing, breathable, and can withstand the invasion of bacteria, in line with medical conditions.