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What are the key points of the non-woven bag soilless strawberry technology?

  • Release on:2020-12-11
The air permeability of non-woven bags is better than tank containers and planting tanks, and it is more conducive to the absorption of oxygen and nutrients by the roots. At the same time, non-woven fabric is a durable and degradable material, which can avoid environmental pollution and save early investment. Non-woven bag soilless cultivation of strawberries should choose detoxification point seedlings, planting points are as follows.

1. Choose a better solid substrate

The substrate is a mixture of inorganic substrate and organic substrate, with loose ventilation, strong water storage capacity, and no pests. It can be mixed with peat: vermiculite: perlite in a ratio of 4:1:1, and then add 10 kg of high-quality organic fertilizer per cubic meter. This matrix has complete nutritional elements and is easy to manage. It is one of the basic conditions for strawberries to meet green food standards.

2. Choose the right non-woven bag(Biodegradable Landscape Fabric Company)

The lateral roots and longitudinal roots of strawberries are distributed within 20cm within 90cm. Therefore, it is recommended to choose a cylindrical non-woven bag with a diameter of 20cm and a height of 20cm as the support device for the substrate.

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3. Protective cultivation(Garden Weed Mat Vendor)

Soilless strawberries are usually grown in protected areas. The greenhouse can be made of a single plastic or even a double layer of plastic. One side of the greenhouse should be equipped with pest control nets to isolate pests and birds. After the greenhouse is built, black grass cloth is laid on the ground to isolate the strawberry from contact with the soil to prevent the spread of soil bacteria and the growth of weeds. Non-woven bag planting can be placed on the grass-proof cloth or on the elevated shelf.

4. Planting layout

The non-woven bags(Weed Control Mat Factory) are neatly placed in the planned grid. When the site layout is carried out, the two rows are closed, a certain distance is used as a passage for management and sightseeing, and then arranged in order. The water supply system is realized by combining the reservoir with drip irrigation. Since the diameter and specifications of the non-woven bags are unified to 20 cm, drip irrigation tapes with an interval of 20 cm are used to apply water to the roots of the strawberries. In addition, when the efficiency of organic fertilizer is insufficient, high-standard water-soluble organic fertilizer can be added to topdress.