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What are the advantages of short geotextiles and filament geotextiles?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-05-20
Geotextiles are familiar to us, but we maynot be clear about the classification of geotextiles. In fact, geotextiles canbe divided into short-soil geotextiles. These two geotextiles have better performance in short-soil geotextiles than filament geotextiles. So, what advantages does short geotextile have over long geotextiles?

Short-staple geotextiles are one of the most widely used nonwoven geotextiles(Non Woven Geotextile Factory). The fibers are opened, mixed, carded (orair flow), meshed, laid, stretched and needled to form a finished product. Ithas high filtration efficiency, good drainage performance, convenient layingand low price, so it is used as the most suitable anti-filtration and drainage.It also has certain enhancement and isolation functions, and can also becombined with other geological composite materials to provide protection and other functions.

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Short silk geotextile(China Geofabrics Wholesale) processing technology has the following characteristics:

Adaptable and flexible: the same processing equipment can be processed without raw materials: such as polypropylene,polyester and other technologies are easy to master: the equipment is similarto traditional spinning equipment, the adjustment process and equipment arebasically adjusted through the process, which can be easily satisfied.Engineering requirements such as strength, longitudinal and lateral strengthratio, various hydraulic properties.

The spunbond technology of filament geotextiles is one of the fastest growing methods in the field of nonwoven fabrics.

The hydraulic properties of filament geotextiles are generally similar to the hydraulic properties of short filament geotextiles(Needle Punch Non Woven Fabric Vendor). UV resistant: It has a very high UV resistance; it has good elongation under certain stress.

Compared with filament geotextiles, these are the advantages of short-staple geotextiles, including strong adaptability and easy grip, which makes short-soil geotextiles popular with the market.