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Development trend of non-woven materials industry for disposable hygiene products in China in 2019

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2019-05-17
China's disposable hygiene products industry is facing a change in consumer attitudes, and products are rapidlyupgrading to high-end, but at the same time, due to China's wide geographical coverage, high consumption levels, and uneven distribution, the products will continue to extend to the low-end market. Of course, the market share of low-end products is decreasing. The development of non-woven technology, which provides technical innovation for the production of sanitary products, has higher requirements for materials, and will also become a new kinetic energy topromote the transformation and upgrading of non-woven technology.

A variety of non-woven fabric materials(China Medical Non Woven Wholesale) arebecoming softer, fluffy, light, thin, versatile, and environmentally friendly.Among them, two-component spunbond products, high fluffy spunbond products,softer, fluffy, dry, silky products, degradable, dispersible products; elastic materials, low-quantity materials, environmentally friendly fiber applications:and various functions Sexual hot air nonwovens will be an important development goal to meet the needs of different market segments.

Through the optimization and innovation ofraw materials, additives, equipment, processes, etc., China has developed a good non-woven material (including smooth, soft, fluffy, etc.), which improvesthe comfort and safety of sanitary products and leads the world. Diaperindustry innovation and the role of development is becoming more and more obvious.

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In order to cope with the development and demand of the disposable hygiene industry, non-woven materials(Disposable Medical Fabric Company) production equipment and products have also been greatly developed products have gradually been recognized by the market. Foreign funds are also optimistic about the Chinese market, the latest technology and equipment will also be introduced to China, these high-end non-woven materials will set a new benchmark for the sanitary products industry.

In terms of enterprise scale, total production line capacity, production capacity and equipment manufacturing capacity, the total output of thermal bonding (including hot air and hotrolling) nonwovens in 2017 was only 314,000 tons, which is only melt spinning and forming nonwovens. About one-sixth of the cloth, the performance and supply of domestic ES fiber needs to keep up with the market to meet demand.

Therefore, carded nonwovens(Medical Non Woven On Sales) are unlikely toreplace melt-spun products, each with its own development space. However,competition will promote technological innovation and supply-side structuralreforms, which will jointly contribute to the development and prosperity of the hygiene products market.