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The use of filament geotextiles in the construction field

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The use of filament geotextiles in the construction field

2017-12-27 09:56:11
The use of filament geotextiles in the construction field

Environmental issues have now become a consensus of all mankind and many areas are trying hard to focus on environmental protection. In order to satisfy everyone's pursuit of environmental protection and ensure a sustainable development of the environment, the use of filament geotextile has begun in the construction field. Filament geotextiles are environmentally friendly construction materials that do not contain chemical additives and are not heat treated. It can replace traditional engineering materials and construction methods, make construction safer, and contribute to environmental protection. It is more economical, effective and durable To solve the basic problems in the construction of the project.
High strength - the same weight under the specifications, the tensile strength are higher than the other needle punched non-woven fabrics.

Anti-UV light - with high UV resistance.
Resistant to very high temperature performance - high temperature up to 230 ℃, high temperature still maintain the structural integrity and the original physical properties.
Permeability and Flat Drainage - Geotextiles are thick and acupunctured, have good flat drainage and vertical water permeability, and remain stable for many years.
Creep resistance - Geotextile creep resistance is superior to other geotextile, so long-term good. It can withstand the erosion of common chemicals in soil and resistance to gasoline, diesel and other corrosion.

Ductility - geotextile under a certain stress has a good elongation, so that it can adapt to the uneven surface irregularities.
The filament geotextile as asphalt pavement reinforcement can prevent pavement holed up due to low temperature and cracks, pavement structure can change the stress distribution, prevent the expansion of reflection crack, roll marks can also reduce the rutting. The surface treatment of glass fiber geotextile improves the surface properties of glass fiber, and strengthens the bonding force between glass fiber and asphalt, so that it can not crack and warp after exposure to asphalt mixture at 160 degree temperature.

Technical characteristics of filament geotextile: Geotextile thick, can guarantee the three-dimensional porosity of geotextile, is conducive to the realization of excellent hydraulic properties. Geotextile bursting strength has great advantages, especially for retaining walls and embankment reinforcement. Geotextiles indicators are more than the national standard, is an excellent geotextile material. Polyester filament geotextile width can reach 2-6.3 meters, weight up to 100-800g / ㎡, so high performance makes the use of polyester filament geotextiles is very extensive. Polyester filament geotextile for the isolation of different materials: used in unpaved or paved road and airport road between the subgrade and foundation, between the geomembrane and sandy drainage layer, used in the foundation and embankment soil Between the additional load, used in additional load, used in the foundation soil and foundation piles, used in the sidewalk, parking lot, stadium below, used in new and old asphalt layer; Polyester filament geotextile used in reinforced soft Base: used in non-pavement soft base, used in the airport road, railway, landfill, playground soft base to prevent the grass-roots soil will be punctured geomembrane, to prevent impurities in the landfill or stone layer Geotechnical Membrane punctured polyester filament geotextile filter: In the leakage of the landfill below to protect geotextiles to prevent soil intrusion, protect the geocomposite, to prevent the intrusion of soil particles; polyester filament geotextile used in Dirt drainage under the geomembrane, drainage for underneath the stadium, drainage under the rail ballast.

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