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What is the role of Geotextiles?

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What is the role of Geotextiles?

2017-12-25 10:34:41
There are only two kinds of geotextile on the market, one is our common woven and one non-woven, no matter what kind of geotextile has been widely used in our construction industry. It is used in the construction field because it has a very wide range of effects and needs to be used for building insulation and filtration because of its isolation effect. Therefore, it is often used in the field of material isolation, such as soil and sand particle needs to be isolated, the first material people think of it must be it in the middle of the two materials can play a role in isolation, to the maximum extent possible to avoid mixing between the two materials and hybrids, and more Helps maintain the overall structure of the building. Soil and sand are two of the most commonly used materials in the construction field, and the carrying capacity of a building can hardly be guaranteed without the assistance of a geotextile. In particular, after long-term use, it prolongs the useful life of a building, Long-term use can guarantee the initial function. Reinforcement is also a very important part of it, it can effectively resist deformation, the most important for a building is stability, the use of this material more secure buildings, and overall, it improves the quality of the building , Worth the trust of the majority of enterprises.

In addition to the role of isolation, we also greatly benefit from its filterability, which is the second role of geotextiles, geotextiles play a wonderful role in the construction of water conservancy projects, because it itself is made of polyester material So, so good with your breathability and water permeability, when the water from the material into the time, those small particles will be blocked on one side, but the water flow can easily pass through its interior, so that Achieved the role of filtering.

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