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The test results of bagging litchi

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-08-24
The test results

1. The effect of non-woven bagging on fruit traits. The results showed that the difference between the test and the controlwas obvious. After using the white non-woven bag(nonwoven bagging supplier), the single fruit weight,fruit size, edible rate and soluble solids were significantly higher than thecontrol. After bagging, there were several characteristics: 1 peel It is evenlycolored, bright red and shiny, and has a beautiful appearance. 2 The fruit islarger, and the weight of the single fruit is 4.6 grams more than the control.3 The soluble solids were improved, the flesh was sweet, the juice was good,the taste was good, the soluble solids of the litchi fruits were 15.4% onaverage, and the control was 14.4%. The soluble solids were significantly higherthan the control. 4 fruit without pests, less cracking fruit.

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2. The effect of non-woven bagging on theyield of fruit before cracking and the fruit and pests. From Table 1 andon-site inspection, it can be seen that the difference between bagging andcontrol is obvious: after 1 set of bags, less cracked fruit and fruit drop, nopests, the rate of fruit cracking after bagging is reduced by 30.3% compared with the control, and the rate of fruit drop is reduced by 3 compared with thecontrol. .3%; after 2 sets of bags(agricultural fruit bag manufacturer), the fruit rate was as high as 84.2%, andthe good fruit rate was 40.1% higher than the control. After 3 sets of bags,the litchi result rate and yield can be improved. From the data of this test,the bagging treatment is increased by 90% compared with the control. The effectof increasing production is significant.

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3. Analysis of economic benefits. After the bagging, the sales price per 0.5 kg of lychee is higher than the unit price without the bagging. After the bagging, the selling price is increased by 100%,the input cost is small, and the output ratio is high. The cost price of each non-woven bag(spunbond non woven bagging on sales), plus the fruiting and bagging labor costs, the total input costper mu is calculated according to the normal year glutinous rice lychee sellingprice ratio of 1:6.