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The materials and methods of bagging litchi

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The materials and methods of bagging litchi

2018-08-23 13:32:35
Today we're going to talk about the materials and methods of bagging litchi. Let's take a look at how we made it.

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Materials and methods

1. The test location. It is carried out in an orchard with an area of 100 mu. The orchard is a low hilly land of red soil. The age of the tree is fifteen years, the management level is good, and the growth is basically the same.  

2, bagging materials. The 52g/m2 white non-woven fabric produced by the non-woven fabric factory(litchi bag factory) is used. The self-made specification is 30 cm long and 25 cm wide. The bag is fastened with a flexible packaging line or a thin iron wire.

3. Thinning fruit and pest control before bagging. Before bagging(non woven bagging manufacturer), first make the fruit thinning, and remove the extra small fruit, deformed fruit, diseased fruit, cracked fruit and fruitless branch stem. The fruit per ear is 8-10, and the number of young fruit in the test ear is recorded. Before bagging Do a good job in the prevention and control of pests and diseases, spray 300 times of E-phosphorus-aluminum or 600-1000 times of anti-disease, manganese-zinc, and blast-resistant 2000-3000 times.  

China Litchi Bag Supplier, Non Woven Bagging Vendor, Protection Bag On Sales

4. Bagging time and operation. Generally, after the second physiological fruit drop is finished, the test is carried out by bagging(protection bag wholesale); the operation method is to cover the whole ear with a non-woven fruit bag, and then fasten the bag mouth with a soft packaging line, leaving no gap, and the bottom of the bag is sealed to prevent pests. Entering the fruit bag is harmful to the fruit.  

5, after bagging management. The bagging test and the control litchi management adopt the same cultivation and management measures. After bagging, the pesticides and other fruit-preserving drugs are no longer sprayed as the control.