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How to design litchi bagging?

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Release on:2018-08-22
The use of bagging technology for litchi is the main technical measure for producing pollution-free, pesticide-free and pollution-free litchi. We have a small amount of non-woven bagging(lychee non woven bag supplier) on lychee, which is better. A fruit field used a non-woven bagging test on fifteen-year-old litchi ears, and a preliminary exploration was carried out on the technique of non-woven bag(lychee protection bagging vendor) after thinning. The test shows that the lychee cracked fruit of the thinned fruit non-woven bag has less lychee, coloring, no pests, no pollution, and high selling price. It is a new technology that is easy to operate, accepted by the market and liked by farmers. The results of the litchi bagging technology test are briefly described below.

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The experimental design

1. In this experiment, 20 strains of lychee trees were randomly sampled for fruit-seed bagging(lychee disposable bag on sales), and un-bagged were used as control. The results of different treatments, fruit quality, yield, fruit cracking and diseased fruit were tested and compared.

2. Six lychee trees were selected, and six replicates were set. Each tree was set with a bag and a control. The main purpose was to compare the fruit shape, solid matter and maturity of different treatments of the same plant.

The above is our experimental design. If you have other ideas, you can ask us.