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Test results of litchi bagging and effect of bagging

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  • Release on:2018-08-27
Through comparative experiments, lychee non-woven bagging(fruit protection bag manufacturer) technology is a practical technology that is easy to operate, accepted by the market, recognized by fruit farmers, and easy to promote. It has broad application prospects for improving the comprehensive benefits of lychee production in Zhongshan. However, due to the short test time and small area, the data on how to reduce the temperature inside the bag and increase the relative humidity of the white non-woven bag of bagging materials were not detected. The best time for lychee bagging, the quality of the lychee fruit, the maturity and vitamin content of the bagging(fruit non woven bag factory) are still to be further studied, and the experimental area should be further expanded to further study the application of bagging technology.

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In order to ensure the bagging effect, the tree body should be sprayed and disinfected before bagging, and then bagged. The sprayed agent should be a low-concentration, light-toxic wettable powder. For example, 70% methyl thiophanate-wet WP 800 times liquid + 20% methomyl WP 1000 times liquid sprayed pear fruit, and then bagged. Bordeaux mixture and organophosphorus and emulsifiable pesticides should not be sprayed. Note that the use of some agents such as compound carbendazim during the young fruit period (fruit sensitive period) will cause fruit rust in young fruit. After the medicine is dried, it must be bagged immediately. If it is not finished within 5 days, it is necessary to play the medicine again. When the bag is bagged, the bag should be blown, and the fruit should be placed in the center of the bag to leave a gap between the fruit and the fruit bag to prevent the fruit bag from rubbing. Injury fruits and fruits grow up to support fruit bags(China spunbond non woven bag on sales), while also preventing pests and diseases from directly damaging the fruit. Pay special attention to open the water outlet at the two corners of the bottom of the bag, and tighten the mouth at the near fruit table. (Tighten tightly when the bag is closed, avoid hard action, strong pull), so as not to accumulate the liquid into the bag, causing the medicine. harm. The order of bagging is to set the upper part of the crown first, then the middle and lower part of the crown, and the outer periphery of the last set.