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The main product of personal cleansing care non woven wipes

  • Release on:2021-01-20
In personal care products, whether it is wet wipes for adults or infants, or wipes for personal cleaning. The main material is non-woven fabric. Non-woven fabrics(Nonwoven Wipes Vendor) have the advantages of light weight, low price, no pollution, and mass production. It quickly became the main material of personal cleaning wipes. Now, the problem that the non-woven fabric industry needs to face is how to highlight its own advantages and technical advantages and become the leading material in the personal care wipes industry.

The drying temperature of superfine fiber is set 10℃~15℃ higher than that of ordinary polyester and nylon products of the same weight. After the spunlace fiber is opened, the moisture absorption performance of the superfine fiber is greatly improved, and the dense structure of the superfine fiber spunlace cloth affects the penetration of the heat of the dryer, making the superfine fiber products more difficult to dry than ordinary polyester and nylon products. It is better to set the pressure of the first spunlace at 70% to 80% of the design value, and the pressure of the second and third spunlaces(Hygiene Wipes Factory) will increase sequentially to reach the design value, and the product effect is the best. In addition, the corresponding modification of the drafting machine, spunlace drum and net curtain will also optimize the product quality, making the product more even, smooth, soft, delicate, and less burr. If the setting is too high, it will cause the fiber to open prematurely and form a denser layer of fiber on the surface of the product, which will weaken the effect of the second and third spunlace and cause the phenomenon of product "raw rice". If the pre-needle pressure is set too low, it will greatly affect the final fiber entanglement and fiber opening effect. The study found that in order to achieve a good entanglement effect, the key to selecting a reasonable jet plate and optimizing the ratio of spunlace pressure.

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For the entanglement and opening of fibers, the setting of spunlace process parameters is particularly important. If the fiber opening rate is high (greater than 60%), the product will be soft and delicate, uniform and dense, and high strength; if the fiber opening rate is low, the characteristics of ultrafine fibers will not be achieved. The degree of microfiber opening rate has a great influence on the performance of the product. Spunlacing not only makes the orange petal-shaped short fibers fully split into ultra-fine fibers, but also makes them entangle with each other under the action of high-pressure micro water jets, so that the fiber web can be reinforced and possess certain physical and mechanical properties. For spunbond spunlace non-woven wipes, spunlace is a key process.

At the same time, the spunlace non-woven fabric(Cleaning Wipes Wholesale) overcomes the shortcomings of the spunbonded non-woven fabric, its fabric surface is flatter and smoother, the product is softer, and the strength far exceeds the short fiber non-woven fabric. After consolidation, a special three-dimensional structure can be formed, with a denser fiber structure, better moisture absorption and air permeability. It is worth noting that the fineness of the composite superfine fiber can reach 0.08dtex after spunlacing, and the specific surface area of ​​the fiber is increased.