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The effect of geotextile in water conservancy project

  • Release on:2020-06-24
Geotextiles are widely used in planning, and can be seen in various projects. The following editor will introduce the effect of geotextile in geotechnical cloth in water conservancy projects and the effect of geotextile(Geotextile Fabric Supplier) in railway construction for us. I hope it can help us.

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Application of geotextile(Needle Punch Non Woven Wholesale) in water conservancy projects:

1. Prevent water and soil from being lost

Water and soil loss will affect the land environment and affect its use. It is also one of the reasons for water pollution. Therefore, in order to reduce and prevent water and soil loss, the use of geotextile is also a technical project that is less than impossible. It is said that geotextile is a technology developed for the protection of water and soil loss, and it can deal with unlucky environments.

2. Adhere to water and soil balance

Geotextile(Nonwoven Geotextiles manufacturer) has the functions of blocking, drainage, strengthening, filtering, seepage prevention and corrosion prevention. The geotextile can use its own structure to form a drainage layer, collect the moisture in the soil in the geotextile, and then slowly drain it along the surface of the geotextile; and the geotextile also has excellent water permeability and filtering functions. Moisture in the soil is discharged through the pores in the geotextile, which can prevent the loss of water and soil particles, so as to prevent voids and maintain water and soil balance.