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The effect of geotextile in railway construction

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The effect of geotextile in railway construction

2020-06-29 16:19:10
Geotextile has great dedication in the construction of roads, and has played a great role in highways, airport roads and railways. Let's talk about the effect of geotextile in railway construction.

1. The geotextile(China Road Maintenance Nonwovens Supplier) used on the railway must be qualified. According to the on-site recognition, the quality requirement is not less than 200g/㎡. The inspection and delivery certificate proves that the geotextile feed is necessary to enter the warehouse. It must not be exposed in the open air. 6 months, it should not be used.

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2. The geotextile(Road Maintenance Nonwovens On Sales) itself has excellent voids, has an excellent adhesion and separation effect, and because the geotextile(Nonwoven Geotextile Wholesale) has certain tear resistance, anti-seepage film force and excellent deformation adaptability, it has excellent planar drainage ability, surface Soft multi-voids have an excellent coefficient of friction. Can improve the adhesion of soil particles. It prevents fine particles from being lost and removes the remaining moisture by preventing the particles from flowing. The surface is soft and the protection is strong. Therefore, filament geotextile has been widely used in railway engineering.

With the development of society, geotextiles alone cannot meet people's needs, so more varieties of geotextiles have emerged like mountains and fields, including anti-seepage geotextiles. The anti-seepage geotextile is known by name. Its main function is anti-seepage, and its anti-seepage function is indeed very good, so it is widely used in many projects with anti-seepage requirements.