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The application range of multiform nonwovens is described in detail

  • Author:Junqian Nonwoven
  • Source:Original
  • Release on:2018-03-28
As a kind of platform-type flexible new non-woven material production technology, the multiform nonwoven spinning process is highly exploitable and can be used to produce diversified and differentiated microfiber composite materials. Through the selection of different types of meltblown resin raw materials, the adjustment of the main component fibers and functional fiber varieties and proportions, and the different appearance effects of calendering or embossing, the products produced are of a variety, appearance and performance. With great designability, it can be used to develop and produce a variety of new popular materials such as all-bio-based nonwovens, disposable nonwovens, and composite absorbent core materials.
Multiform nonwoven fabrics are used in personal care wet wipes. These two types of traditional materials, such as spunlaced non-woven and glued clean paper, have the following advantages:
(1) The surface is rich in microfibers, the material is softer, and the skin feels better and does not harm the baby's skin;
(2) Better liquid absorption, better texture feel, and stronger cleaning ability;
(3) The main components are natural wood pulp and some ultra-fine fibers. The discarded products after use are easy to be degraded, and they are more environmentally friendly and fully in line with the industrial development direction.

As an upgrade option for wet wipes, multiform nonwoven will have a tremendous impact on China's wet wipes industry in the early stages of the outbreak. What is even more rare is that the investment density of Luan spinning project is lower than that of the international same-grade spunlace non-woven fabrics, glued clean paper, and spunmelting lines, and the investment return rate is even higher.
As a result of the high technical barriers, multiform nonwoven spinning production technology has previously been left blank in the Asian market. Multiform nonwovens are a new type of non-woven material in the market. Only a small number of famous multinational companies imported from North America for processing. Along with the domestic wet tissue industry is facing an explosive growth, as well as absorbing hygienic hygiene and medical products (baby diapers, adult diapers, medical mattresses, nursing pads, food pads, feminine hygiene products, pet health products, etc.) With the huge potential demand for the upgrading of composite absorption core materials, there is a huge market for spunbond nonwovens and the application prospects are extremely optimistic. EG's design and manufacture of turn-key production lines for twisted-spinning production lines has advanced technology, high single-line yield, strong process development, superior product performance, and low production costs.

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